Wine history

Wine is the broadest and most beautiful theme for all top quality wine lovers. For centuries, we are talking about wines, we wirte poetrys about wines, analyzes and becomes the subject of many professional lectures and studies. The holy writers also mention it on many pages of the Bible.

In addition, it is a drink produced by alcoholic baking of a mulberry or fresh grape of grape vines. They say, "give up or honor the guest, be tired, be amazed, brave, and encourage the afflicted".

It is worthwhile to enjoy it moderately as it tastes, and drunkenness is what it does not use either sad, or cheerful.

Wine is as old as man: it follows and interlaces its paths and paths in all life and occasion, from birth to death.

This connection between wine and man is perhaps the best and most beautiful spoken in the Latin sense: "In vino veritas!" ("In wine is true!").
And indeed, man no one would ever tell anyone what he was talking about with wine.

It looks like man's most noble and favorite drink. The reason for this lies in the harmoniously arranged elements that the nature of that drink has chosen and preserved. This schedule and links are also studied and known by experts (enologists).

Wine should really enjoy and know all the secrets of this "noble droplet". If we do not know these tiny pearls stored in every drop of this drink, there is a gap in us and around us.