Rose 0,7l



from 2015 till 2017

Bottle sizes

750ml, 1.5 L Magnum, 3 L Double Magnum, 6 L Imperial


Light red to copper red coloured wine with fine and delicate flavor and variety scent. It has a discrete aroma and buque. This wine is made of French variety Grenace black with technology for white wines. It pairs well with light meals and desserts. Poslužuje se na temperaturi od 8 do 10 °C.


Combination of food and drinks








Step 1
Heat whipped cream and 2 dl milk with sugar and vanilla burbone. To the rest of the milk swallow pudding that there is no bark. When the cream and the milk boil in they boil pudding. Allow to cool well covered or covered with a transparent foil (but do not bend it). Cool well with the mixer to get a dense cream.
Step 2
While cooling the cream, skim the bark of the leafy dough on the size of the sheet or use the already discarded ones. Examine each bark separately. Fruit cleans.
Step 3
For each bark, use a cream syringe to grab the cream and arrange the fruit on it. If you wish (i did not) either eat or cake with cream. Decorate the last bun with cream (if desired with cream), fruit and sprinkle with powdered sugar.