Merlot 1l



from 2015 till 2017

Bottle sizes

750ml, 1.5 L Magnum, 3 L Double Magnum, 6 L Imperial


Superb ruby red wine with intense aroma supported by cherry and raspberry scent intertwined with discrete spice tones. It leaves rich flavours on the palate, fresh and elegant. The taste is long lasting with fine smooth texture and soft mature tannins. A great balance between fruity taste and freshness. It pairs well with red meat, mature cheese blue fish and game.


Combination of food and drinks


Scrambled eggs with asparagus






If you have asparagus grown, which is thicker and more fleshy, clean them by shaking them with your hand and severing part of the stack of the softer piece with the tip. Bake the tops in salt water for just a minute, two (keep the panes for the foundation). Finely chop the onion. Heat the oil in a large pan, and put on it. When you soften and release the aroma, add the bacon and cut into the noodles. As you rip it, squeeze the eggs, pop them and pop it. Eat the eggs on the pan and mix it. Then add the tips of asparagus. Bake just enough to mix the mixture, and the eggs remain cremated. If you are using very young wild asparagus, you can put them in the crispy and raw.