Debit 1l



from 2015 till 2017

Bottle sizes

750ml, 1.5 L Magnum, 3 L Double Magnum, 6 L Imperial


Dry white quality wine of gold yellow colour. Produced from autochthonous grape variety on limited locations. It is characterized by fresh, crisp and full flavour. It has a distinctive wine aroma scented with powerful apple tones and traces of culinary herbs. It’s flavour and aroma place it among best white wines. It blends well with Dalmatian ham, sheep cheese and lamb.


Combination of food and drinks

Oyster stew



Step 1
Fresh mussels wash well, best under cold water jets. Use a wicker sponge to clean the grass and dirt accumulated on the shell. When cleaning, remove all the shells that have already been opened.
Step 2
Slightly chop the garlic, sprinkle the garlic in olive oil until it begins to smell aromatic, and then pour white wine, finely chopped parsley (add some parsley to the dish) and add the cleansed mussels. Cover and let it cook in your sauce for about ten minutes. No salt or other spices need to be added, as future mussels inside the shell have salty sea water.
Step 3
Remove from the fire when the mussels open and leave them for 5 minutes covered in a pot where they are cooked to make all the flavor delicious. Closed shells should be thrown.
Step 4
Such prepared mussels can be served individually (sprinkled with parsley and a little spicy with lemon juice).